In December of 2014, President Obama asked Congress for $260 million to pay for more than 50,000 body cameras for local police forces across the country. Not only do body cameras NOT reduce the instances or likelihood of police shootings (results are mixed in cities they’ve been implemented and we know they’re frequently removed or simply turned off by the officers “accidentally”) they turn officers equipped with them into passive surveillance devices, increasing passive citizen surveillance.

In the same announcement, Obama said he would NOT be making changes to a Federal program that arms police officers with military grade equipment. Police militarization puts both officers and citizens lives in more danger. We need policies of de-escalation, not added surveillance.


2 thoughts on “#AllLivesSplatter

    • Damn, man I didn’t mean to bite you. I was joking with a friend about this idea a few weeks ago and I drew it up on the spot. But I’ve seen your comic before, so I must’ve subconsciously channeled it.

      Sorry about that; I respect your work a lot man so no disrespect intended. I’ll remove mine.

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